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ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

ClearCorrect invisible braces are simply invisible, comfortable, removable, and metal-and anger-free! Madison Avenue Dental now has the perfect brace solution for you and your children with ClearCorrect.


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The world's best braces.

Braces that you can actually take off yourself when you eat! Braces which no one knows you're wearing, unless you decide to tell them. Braces which are ultra-comfortable and custom-fit to your teeth. You can get all that in ClearCorrect invisible braces at Madison Avenue Dental!

Information about ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect braces gently apply pressure to your teeth, causing them to align over time. Instead of visits to our office to get wires adjusted and posts reapplied, you're simply provided with a new set of ClearCorrect braces. Your braces are continually re-shaped to move the alignment process of your teeth.

"Dr. Olson and all of the staff at Madison Avenue Dental are extremely friendly. The environment is clean and comforting!"

- One of many happy clients

ClearCorrect is not expensive

ClearCorrect invisible braces typically cost no more than traditional braces - and today, many insurance providers help cover the cost!


You'll also save money by avoiding those inevitable broken brace posts and need for reapplied wires and discomfort treatments that come with traditional braces. Trust us, that all adds up!

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