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Picture-Perfect Crowns and Dental Bridges

When your teeth get worn down or become weak, your dentist may recommend you get a dental crown placed on your teeth. This helps strengthen and restructure it, if needed. For those with cracked teeth, the crown can help hold it together so it does not break apart.


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In-house lab for a precision fit

Crafting dental bridges and crowns is not a purely mechanical and uniform procedure. Each mouth is wildly different - and thus, each crown and bridge is uniquely crafted. We utilize an in-house ceramics lab to ensure complete quality control, so you enjoy the perfect fit and finish!

Industry-leading scanning technology

That perfect fit and finish is achieved by our use of the latest cosmetic dental technology. Employing our 3M™ True Definition Scanner, we'll take a micron-precise measurement of your mouth, ensuring the placement and shape of your crown bridge is 100% perfect, for longer-lasting results.

"I really like going here. He really evaluated my needs and gave me several options to fix my teeth. Dr. Prunty is good with his follow up so I can always get what I need."

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Cosmetic dentistry experience

For all that dental technology and in-house quality control, nothing replaces an experienced cosmetic dentist's hand and eye. At Madison Avenue Dental, Dr. Prunty and Dr. Olson have decades of their experience to replace missing, chipped, and degraded teeth. giving back your original. natural smile.


Your replicated crown or bridge will perfectly match your existing teeth with the use of specific materials and shades of coloring compound.

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