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Control decay with proper removal of the damaged area

Fillings are great alternatives to caps or tooth removal when decay is not extreme. Once the tooth is determined to have a cavity, the damaged area will be removed and filled with composite, a tooth-colored filling. Composite fillings are a good treatment option and can leave the mouth looking like there was never a cavity present.


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Composite tooth restoration

Composite resin has the ability to be shaped into any form. When you require a filling and your tooth has suffered extensive loss or misshaping, it can be better restored to function naturally with our composite solution.

Longer-lasting decay prevention

Composite resin fillings actually "stick" to your teeth better than other filling solutions. Because of this, they get a boost in longevity and their ability to provide your teeth with biting power and protection against further cavity symptoms.

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Experienced dentists, better fillings

The goal of a filling is to preserve your tooth as much as possible against further destruction. Dr. Olson and Dr. Prunty boast the precision and knowledge needed to preserve your original tooth as much as possible, ensuring more effective fillings that require less invasive removal of your original tooth.

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