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Implants: Total tooth restoration

Tooth loss can happen for any number of reasons: Decay, failed crowns and failing root canals, gum disease, tobacco, or simple lack of hygiene. No matter the reason, dental implants are a universal solution to tooth loss.


As the name implies, dental implants are replacement teeth - no, they're not real, but you won't be able to tell!

Restore one or all of your teeth

Implants are placed individually, you choose how many of your missing or deteriorated teeth you want to permanently replace. Implants are a great option if you're missing numerous teeth, or if your existing teeth are at risk of deteriorating or requiring future extraction.

Implants are lifelong solutions

Implants are actually a three-in-one dental piece: You'll first be scheduled to have the rod and post of your implant planted into your jaw bone before you receive your actual teeth. The rod and post is entirely permanent, and they replace your previous teeth's roots' function, which is to hold your teeth in place.

At Madison Avenue Dental, our in-house ceramics lab will expertly create each individual implant tooth, ensuring you get

a permanently perfected smile!


Dr. Olson and Dr. Prunty

garner years of experience performing implant restorations.

"Why implants? Why not a bridge?"

Unlike a bridge, which relies on surrounding teeth to remain in place, implants function just like your original teeth: They are seated deep into your jaw bone, just like a real tooth's root. A bridge is a long-term solution, but will eventually need replacement. An implant is typically a lifelong replacement - and only the tooth itself needs replacing after many years, not the implant rod itself.

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