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Oral Surgery Excellence

At Madison Avenue Dental, Dr. Olson and Dr. Prunty have the experience needed to conduct invasive dental procedures using industry best practices. We are backed by a seasoned staff and the latest imaging and oral surgical technology.

Laser precision for safer surgery

The gum disease, periodontitis causes inflammation of the tissues surrounding your teeth. This can lead to advanced tooth decay, and gum loss. Employing a state-of-the-art laser, our surgical procedure eliminates necrotic or suffering tissue with extreme precision.

Full-diagnostic oral biopsy

An oral tissue biopsy can be a tooth, and even life-saving, minimally invasive procedure. A biopsy is the removal of oral tissue, which is then examined for the presence of infectious organisms, or cancer. This may be necessary if you experience lesions in your mouth, advanced tooth decay, or any mucosal changes in your mouth.

If you require extensive oral surgery, or more complex procedures that require general anesthesia, you will be referred to top oral surgical specialists by Dr. Olson and Dr. Prunty.

We make oral surgery a calm experience

It's difficult to trust in the word of someone holding sharp instruments to your mouth and teeth - but trust us when we say you'll be cared for with the highest level of sensitivity and professionalism in our office. With the use of local anesthetic, and our nitrous gas, you'll be kept comfortable, pain-free, and anxiety-free during your procedure.

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