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Removal of the pulp will quickly alleviate pain

A toothache can result in unbearable pain and leave you wondering if your tooth will be lost. Our team of professionals will assess the area and will do everything they can to prevent you from having to remove the tooth. Root canals help to alleviate pain and get you back to a healthy smile.


Don’t spend your time in constant pain; call Madison Avenue Dental today.

Experienced dentists = A quicker procedure

While similar in concept to a filling, a root canal is far more involved and takes more time to complete. This is due to the need for us to remove the infected tissue from your tooth, stopping further discomfort. With over 10 years in practice, the staff at Madison Avenue Dental makes quick work of your root canal, so you can relax and get back to your normal routine.

Trust us: It's not as bad as you think

Sure, you’ve heard the horror stories from friends and family about root canals. Everyone whispers about how it is terrifying and painful. However, with our sensitive and caring team, and our calming laughing gas, you’ll be surprised at how simple, pain-free, and easy your root canal can be.

"Great dental office with a great staff. Dr. Prunty does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable and he explains procedures in an easy-to-understand manner."

- One of many happy clients

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Post-canal, a perfectly restored tooth

After your root canal is performed, we'll create a permanent filling that preserves the inner core of your tooth. Then, we will place a dental crown over your tooth, capping it. This protects your tooth from breaking or chipping once the procedure is finished.

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